There are many families that need food aid to survive. Some of these families belong to widows and some other are poor families due to lack of opportunities. Hewad Foundation with help from its sponsor and donors regularly provide food aid to hundreds of needy families during the month of Ramadan and Eids.

In each Eid Al Adha, Hewad Foundation sacrifices tens of cows and sheeps and distribute the meat to over a 1,000 families.

45 orphans and their families regularly receive food aid every month.

Registered Charity Number : 1395/10/14-2466

Headquarter: Marifat Kalay,Kama District, Nangarhar

Address in Kabul: House Number G/38, Qala E Mosa Road, Shaheed Square, Shar E Now 

(+93) 785 111 108

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