Hewad's early education program offer education opportunities to nursery kids as well as the students dropped out from their schools:

Elementary Students Education Program:

Hundreds of students aged 5 to 7 and the elementary schools student attend classes early morning memorising Quran and learning reading and writing along basic maths. The students of age 5 to 7 prepare for admission to elementary school with a solid knowledge of the basics through this program. The students of elementary schools enhance their knowledge of Quran, reading, writing, and maths and use this opportunity as an additional tuition to their regular studies in the their schools.

Dropped Out Child Education Program:

We believe every child shall pursue his/her education even if dropper out of schools. This program focuses on and encourages children above 7 years old who dropped out of the schools for various reasons to continue with HEC's custom-made program for rehabilitating them to re-enter regular schools again and continue education.

Registered Charity Number : 1395/10/14-2466

Headquarter: Marifat Kalay,Kama District, Nangarhar

Address in Kabul: House Number G/38, Qala E Mosa Road, Shaheed Square, Shar E Now


(+93) 785 111 108

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