Hewad’s Aman library contains over 15,000 paper titles in Pashto, Dari, Arabic, English, and Urdu. The library is equiped with computes and internet and it has over 150,000 digital titles and a rich audio/video database.


The titles cover a wide range of different subjects such as Islamic, medical, engineering, agriculture, law, politics, journalism,  Pashto - Dari - English- Arabic languages literature, Afghanistan and regional studies.

The library is an important educational resource for students, teachers, and researchers in the whole country and encourages continuous professional growth of educators and students.

The library is visited by over 100,000 visitors in the past 7 years.

The library contains the complete library of Prof. Mohammad Aman Safi that was tronsported from Egypt to Afghanistan with support form the Arab Republic of Egypt embassy in Kabul.

The library is named after Prof. Mohammad Aman Safi and the famous Afghan poet Amanullah Sailab Safi. Aman means peace and safety.

Registered Charity Number : 1395/10/14-2466

Headquarter: Marifat Kalay,Kama District, Nangarhar

Address in Kabul: House Number G/38, Qala E Mosa Road, Shaheed Square, Shar E Now


(+93) 785 111 108

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